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Make a difference with a small group

Interested in doing your own small group?:

Here are a few tips to start:

1) You only need 2 people to start. You and someone else! People desire community and deeper relationships, if they think the group will have structure, you would be surprised how many will want to participate. 2 works, shoot for 6 to 10.

2) You need a good place to meet. I recommend meeting rooms at libraries and community centers. Get out of your home and avoid Starbucks. Make it something official and purposeful. You’ll be more likely to follow through.

3) Set a time limit and stick to it. I recommend 60 to 90 minutes. Less than that little gets done, more than that the amount of time can seem too daunting for people to attend regularly.

4) Meet once a week to once a month. I recommend once a week. If someone misses they won’t feel out of the loop as they’ve only missed a week. Take weeks off periodically for a group break.

5) Start with a small group workbook or book that encourages goal setting and purpose building so you can identify the needs of those in your group. Of course, I recommend The Ladder UPP! And if you use that, I’ll supply free videos and small group advice!

6) Set up a date for the first meeting and dive in. Life is waiting to be lived!

Need some more help?:

If you are a group or organizations and you don’t know where to start, or you’ve attempted outreach but haven’t had much luck reaching vets and others suffering from the impacts of trauma. We at The Ladder UPP help groups and organizations make this connection with those in your community who have been broken by life.

We offer numerous Ladder UPP workshops:

1) The Ladder UPP for those seeking life change and intentional living.

2) The Ladder UPP for the family, friends, and loved ones of those suffering from PTSD, depression and other trauma.

3) The Ladder UPP for those suffering from PTSD, depression and other trauma.

4) The Ladder UPP for survivors of those who served in the Armed Forces and first responders.

5) The Ladder UPP for those who have been broken in some way – addiction, life trauma, depression, etc. – are looking to build a foundation for a new life.

All workshops are typically done with a sponsoring organization such as Colleges, the Red Cross, Churches, Fraternal Organizations, Veteran Organizations, Mental Health Hospitals, etc. We tailor the workshops to fit your needs and ensure you have a successful event.

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